Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maddie's Bow Donations

I have made a paypal donation button in which I will donate all to SIDS research. ( Although they are not sure that is what happened with Maddie, she was healthy up until the day she left this earth. If you have not seen her story, please visit her blog. 

Here she is, in all her beauty...

I, like other great boutiques, am making a "Maddie" bow.  It will be $5-$4 of which will go to the donation in Maddie's name.  The other dollar will be used for packaging and shipping.  I would also like to invite you to send me pictures of you or your daughter in your bow and I will send them all to her to honor her precious angel.

I used bright colors to reperesent how many lives she has brightened. Her mom said she loved big bows, and her favorite color was pink, so I integrated those. I also put 4 small ribbons for her 4 months on earth, as well as a big pink bow in the center for her huge heart! Even in the four short months, she has made such a huge impact on SO many people! If you buy one of these, please purchase as a gift so the paypal fees are not taken out.  I know her family will really appreciate all the help they can get.

My e-mail to purchase a bow or to share pictures is

This story really makes me heart hurt for this family, and I would love to help in figuring out more ways to prevent SIDS from happening.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Giveaway Winner Is.....

Thanks again to both sponsors for helping BreezyBug with this GREAT giveaway!

***I know that Kara went off to the Labor and Delivery tonight well before her due date (pray that her and baby boone are okay!), so your leg warmies may be shipped a little later.***

I counted up all enteries and headed over to to pick a winner.  I am so grateful for all of our new fans and everyone that entered this contest!

So the

Nantz24 or April Terry Nantz!!!!

Please send me a message at with the color choices for the 4 clips. Again, we have white, ivory, black, brown, silver, hot pink, light pink, turquois, coral, and red to choose from. Also include your address.

You will also have to contact Ronee at to let her know which Scentsy scents you would like. Also include your address.

I will send Kara your address so she can ship it whenever she is healthy!

You will have 1 week to claim your prizes.

Congrats to you, and thanks again for everyones participation! We really appreciate it, and we are so glad to have been a part of this!

(And isn't it a bummer when you don't win...if you entered, you may receive 10% off your next purchase through BreezyBug as a thanks!)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Giveaway! Giveaway! Giveaway!

Happy Valentines Day!

I know I have been talking about this for a while, but it is now time! Are you excited?? I have teamed up with two other AMAZING shops and AMAZING mama's and we have decided to give you guys a ton of REALLY awesome items!

Here is how you enter:  First off, like all three of our pages! You will get an entry for each page you like. Second, you must post the link to this blog on your facebook page. Once you do that, post the link to your page on this blog.  You must do this step in order to qualify! (Make sure to unlock just that post so everyone can see it if your profile is set to private.)

So what do you post in a comment in this blog?: The pages you liked, and the link to your facebook showing that you posted this blog on your page. This is a potential FOUR entries.

First one is of course BreezyBug Boutique! If you don't already, "like" our page!!/breebugboutique

Here is what you will win from us!

Four...thats right FOUR of these cute clips.  Good for kids or adults! That is a $20 value! You pick the colors! Ivory, white, black, brown, blue, turquois, hot pink, light pink, light green, coral, or silver!

This beanie! Cute, right?? It's one of my favorites, so I figured I'd share it with someone! :) $10 value!

That is $30 of free products from BreezyBug!

Next, head on over to Kara Boone Designs and "like" her if you don't already!!/pages/Kara-Boone-Designs/117012685027948

Here is what you will win from her adorable shop...

These fabulous leg warmies! One size fits most!
*Newborn - slightly bunched from hip to ankle
*Infant - from hip to ankle
*Toddler - from above the knee to ankle
*Adult - from below the knee to ankle
*Adult - as arm warmers or for layered look under shirt

She is also throwing in a 20% coupon code to the rest of the items in her shop! She has a ton of leg warmies, hair things, jewelry, and much more! Here is her website too...check it out!

Excited yet?? :)

One more! Last, but most certainly not least! I KNOW you have all heard of Scentsy! Well, Mrs. Ronee Appleby decided to be VERY kind and participate in this giveaway! Like her page!!/pages/Heaven-Scent-flameless-candles-Ronee-Appleby/175528209139259

Here is what she is giving away......

AHHHH! This is over $40 worth of stuff! A full size scentsy system PLUS three bars of your choice!

Here is her website, check it out!

Okay, if you are not excited, I don't know what will excite you! This is about $100 worth of goodies! Please let me know if you have any questions about the contest.  You can contact me through this blog or facebook (Courtney Venable).

Giveaway will go for one full week! (02/14-02/21) We will count them up Monday night (ends at 6pm) and let the winner know on Tuesday! Good Luck!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I promise to do this more!!

We have been so super busy keeping up with orders, facebook, pictures, our new Etsy (, and now we just joined Promotional Frenzy team through Etsy, which will require some blogging and promoting! I will have to do a giveaway through the blog in order to get some followers! :) We have a ton of new stuff out! Here are a few of my favorites...

Love? Me too! :)

Thanks for stopping by! I promise to do this more!! Check it out for some plugs for our Promotional Frenzy friends!