Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maddie's Bow Donations

I have made a paypal donation button in which I will donate all to SIDS research. ( Although they are not sure that is what happened with Maddie, she was healthy up until the day she left this earth. If you have not seen her story, please visit her blog. 

Here she is, in all her beauty...

I, like other great boutiques, am making a "Maddie" bow.  It will be $5-$4 of which will go to the donation in Maddie's name.  The other dollar will be used for packaging and shipping.  I would also like to invite you to send me pictures of you or your daughter in your bow and I will send them all to her to honor her precious angel.

I used bright colors to reperesent how many lives she has brightened. Her mom said she loved big bows, and her favorite color was pink, so I integrated those. I also put 4 small ribbons for her 4 months on earth, as well as a big pink bow in the center for her huge heart! Even in the four short months, she has made such a huge impact on SO many people! If you buy one of these, please purchase as a gift so the paypal fees are not taken out.  I know her family will really appreciate all the help they can get.

My e-mail to purchase a bow or to share pictures is

This story really makes me heart hurt for this family, and I would love to help in figuring out more ways to prevent SIDS from happening.

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