Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am in love...with a T3i....

So I have ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to do some sort of photography. Always. I mean it's been sorta a passion. Plus it comes in handy to have great pictures when you run your business, right?

So I have been saving and saving like I did when I was like 6 to get this baby doll that was the coolest baby doll you could buy. But my new doll is not quite as cheap as the one at 6 years old.  Saturday, hubby calls me and tells me to go to the store, buy my camera I want, give him what I had saved, and he'd take care of the rest. AWESOME! :) I love him...

And now I LOVE my new Canon t3i! Anyways, I have taken some pics of some pretties as well as my pretty little Breezy girl (and "B" my little model 6 month old cutie I babysit!) Thought I would share some of them...

Oh yeah...I had to add this as a side...because I love it. :)


  1. Too cute! Glad you got your new camera!

  2. Awesome pics - especially the last one! How exciting to get a new camera! I can quite understand how you feel!